Augmented Reality


AR (Augmented Reaity) is one of the most exciting marketing and visualization tools to come along in years. Originally designed for gaming, Waxworks quickly realized the huge potential and benefits for business commnications.

Automation Systems designers, real estate and architectural applications, manufacturers, any business that wants to communicate concepts or custom designs will, if they haven't already, soon discover the power of AR.

With a QR code to download the custom app Waxworks will create for you, and a printed tracker such as your business card, brochure page, or a floor plan, the user simply opens the app and points at the tracker and presto a fully detained, textured, 3D animation of your custom design appears right on your desk.  It can be an operating 3D animation of your product, machinery, or build layout that you can freely view from any angle and distance. Move the mobile device in for a closer look at the details. Move around it (or rotate the tracker) to see it from the side or back. It's has quite a WOW factor and can be the highlight of your presentation.

Uses for business AR's can be at a meeting, within a trade show booth, or presentation of design concepts to clients or shareholders, and it travels easily by email. Just include the QR code linked to the app and the tracker graphic.

Applications for sales and marketing, visualization of concepts, training, internal and external communications are starting to appear with even more compelling uses coming to mind as business finds out about the power of Augmented Reality.

Waxworks has the ability to import your CAD and animation files and use them for your AR. Audio and text can be added, and of course Waxworks has the 3D animation capabilities in house to make your project fly.


When one angle just doesn't cut it. AR allows the freedom of discovery!