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Sales Associate

Posted by on February 15, 2017

Waxworks Creative is actively seeking an experienced Sales Professional. Must have a verifiable track record. The position offers a lucrative sales commission to start and a possible salaried position in the future. For more information click the following link; Waxworks Career Opportunities

Virtual Reality is not just for games, it can also be an important tool for business For example; Waxworks has a long term client who expressed a pending problem to us. They were committed to attending their industry’s major trade show in Europe and they needed to display their products. The problem is their machines are 3 stories high and could fill a warehouse. To transport and set-up a working machine to the show would

I can’t count the number of times I have been asked why we named our company Waxworks. Here’s why. In the seventies when we were trying to decide what name to use we were only in the audio recording studio business. Someone suggested that, since the original records were on wax cylinders, and since we were in St. Jacobs (an old-fashioned kind of place) we should be called Waxworks. I scoffed and said that was

Creating an Animated Video

Posted by on November 23, 2016

I’ve decided to document the process I go through when creating a short animated video. Please keep in mind that the workflow I will outline here, in no way represents the best workflow possible. It is however the workflow I have become accustomed to when dealing with tight budgets and a small team.

Our Goal

On this project, we are in the preliminary stages of releasing a new app to the public. The app is

Sometimes the best ideas come when you are not looking for them. Case in point. In 1995 I was visiting a company interested in having us produce a marketing video for them. They made precision measurement equipment for the medical and aerospace industries. They showed me their stuff, led markers they placed on an object and sub-millimetrically measured their positions in 3D space. They took these measurements at a high and variable frame rate to

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