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OK, I admit I’m an old guy. Actually I am a young spirit trapped in an old man’s body. This does have advantages such as experience and knowledge gained over many years. One of my first wake up calls was when I realized nothing stays the same, everything changes constantly. I soon figured out I need to either embrace change, or fade into oblivion. I watched (and in some ways helped) the world change. I

I have to admit, I was caught up in all the negativity surrounding this year’s release of the new Ghostbusters movie. It has been over 30 years since the release of the original Ghostbusters. That’s a long time! Myself like many others have been waiting patiently for news on a new movie. Dan Aykroyd seemed to bring it up often in interviews. After the first Xbox360’s game was released, I knew it was only a

In 2005 I discovered the hobby of building and flying radio-controlled aircraft. What a gas! It combines my interests in technology, craftsmanship, and my fascination with flight. Back then the use of electric motors over fuel engines was in its crude infancy. The advances since then have been nothing short of amazing. Better batteries, improved electronic systems, and the advent of autonomous flight. Enter quad copters. Drones. Now I loop to my “day job”. We

The Theory of a True Artist

Posted by Jim Evans on July 14, 2016

We have been making something out of nothing by creating scenarios, reactions, emotions in various mediums. Someone is always selling something to somebody be it a product, a concept, a learned skill, a service… I was schooled in commercial and fine arts. I still do oils and watercolors. One of my profs once told us what it takes to be a “true” artist. A true artist can look at a blank canvas and, in their

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