Search Engine Optimization

Demystifying SEO

Search engines such as Google and Bing keep their search engine algorithms a closely guarded secret. These algorithms are designed to bring you, the user the most relevant information available. When optimizing a site for SEO, some companies employ SEO tricks that may work today but put you at high risk of being penalized tomorrow. Putting your website at jeopardy of disappearing from the search pages altogether! Our team of SEO experts only engages in tried and proven techniques recommended by Google.

How we optimize for SEO

  1. Content
    : Our team will review the content offered on your site. We look for informative content, keyword saturation, readability, site structure, titles and descriptions. Our in-depth analysis will provide suggestions on how to best restructure your content for maximum results.
  2. Performance
    : Does your site load effectively? We will resolve any issues concerning load times. We will also fix or replace any website load hogs.
  3. Authority
    : Is your website content well worded and easily accessible? Does it speak to the industry it represents in a professional and informative manner? Will others want to link to your content to share with others? Authoritative content places value on what you share. Good authoritative content will always rank higher!
  4. User Experience
    : A well thought out user experience is key to return visits. Our focus is on design, navigation, content links, site reputation and bounce rates. Our goal here is for visitors to stay on your site for as long as possible and to return often.


Search engines are smart at serving local content to users as well. For example, it makes no sense to search for a painting company if the information you receive is on the other side of the world. Google does a good job at prioritizing local results. Localizing your content can help greatly in ranking your website for your region.

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Website Analytics

Google Analytics is powerful, concise, and free to use

The ability to measure results is the key to understanding our successes and failures. Without having the proper metrics in place, achieving goals in any sort of marketing campaign can be fruitless and devoid of purpose. With this in mind, Google has provided an insurmountable amount of data to help measure web traffic in all its forms. It can show you;

  • Visitor information, where they are from, preferred language, the browser they used, screen resolution and so on.
  • What pages are most visited, how long the visit lasts, which pages are the most likely to cause users to leave and the average number of pages a user views.
  • What time of day is your website most active? Are these views in line with the timezone you are in?
  • How do users arrive on your website. Is it from search, social networks, directories or direct input?
  • How users interact with your site’s content. You can see how many users clicked on a specific link.
  • And much more.

We connect our customers to Analytics information in one of three ways. We attach Google Analytics to a customer's existing gmail account, we install a website plugin allowing access through the website backend or we send a full Analytics report monthly in PDF format.

SEO and Analytics, the perfect partnership

Using the information we gather from site analytics, we begin to formulate the best course of action for our customers SEO plan. As we implement this plan we encourage our customers to analyze the data offered by Google Analytics during the coming weeks and months. This will give you a measurable point of reference to start from and direct input on how things are going.

We do believe that SEO should be an ongoing process. We offer monthly plans for businesses of all types. Contact us today for more information.

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70% of the links search users click on are organic


Google SEO Starter Guide

We have included Google's 32 page SEO Starter Guide to help in understanding what SEO is and how it may help your business.


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