Connecting the dots, flight and videography

In 2005 I discovered the hobby of building and flying radio-controlled aircraft. What a gas! It combines my interests in technology, craftsmanship, and my fascination with flight. Back then the use of electric motors over fuel engines was in its crude infancy. The advances since then have been nothing short of amazing. Better batteries, improved electronic systems, and the advent of autonomous flight. Enter quad copters. Drones.

Now I loop to my “day job”. We have produced business videos since the early eighties and one of the limiting factors was imaging a shot but with no practical way of getting the camera into that position. Aerial footage was difficult and expensive hiring an aircraft, then only being able to descend to 500 or 1000 feet to take the shot. It was long distance and nothing but rooftops. Not at all what we needed.

One day a few years ago a buddy started experimenting with automated flight control for his models. After a few crashes he started to achieve success in not only auto f;light stabilization, but flying a predetermined course using GPWS and waypoints. Fast forward to the invention of the drones. Today they provide steady autonomous flight including take-off and landings, fly accurate waypoint guided routes, and carry high quality cameras fior stills or video.

Now our cameras can achieve virtually any compelling camera angle and distance to subject. It’s easy. How amazing is technology!!! What was impossible a few short years ago is now old hat. It stimulates my creative brain and some fascinating new ways.

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