The Theory of a True Artist

We have been making something out of nothing by creating scenarios, reactions, emotions in various mediums. Someone is always selling something to somebody be it a product, a concept, a learned skill, a service…

I was schooled in commercial and fine arts. I still do oils and watercolors. One of my profs once told us what it takes to be a “true” artist. A true artist can look at a blank canvas and, in their minds eye, see the finished painting in great detail. They know the tree is an oak, not an Elm or a Maple. They know those are mountains, not clouds. They see the person is wearing a red skirt, not a pink one. They see the painting finished in great detail before they ever lay brush to canvas, The “untrue” artist doesn’t know what kind of tree it is yet, just that its a tree. The background might start as clouds but change to be mountains later if they end up looking more like that. To the true artist the finished painting is so clear before they start, it is like “paint-by-numbers”. Its easy to fill it in exactly as the mind sees it.

This applies to all artistic creative endeavours. If the final rendering, or script, or production is clearly visualized in the mind of the producer, not only will the creative deliverable be great, but the project will have been extremely efficient to produce because there were no questionables, no changes in direction, not endless redos and tweaks. The artist simply fills in the blanks according to their clear vision.

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