Change is a good thing. Do not be afraid.

OK, I admit I’m an old guy. Actually I am a young spirit trapped in an old man’s body. This does have advantages such as experience and knowledge gained over many years. One of my first wake up calls was when I realized nothing stays the same, everything changes constantly. I soon figured out I need to either embrace change, or fade into oblivion.

I watched (and in some ways helped) the world change. I wondered why anyone outside of an insurance company would want this new invention called a fax machine. I marveled at a typewriter that could correct mistakes, I produced radio commercials for one of the very first cell phones. It was the size of a brief case but you could take it anywhere, even in the car. Amazing., I think I still have it somewhere. (Does anyone have the number for the Smithsonian?) My first business computer in 1980 was a blow away! It’s where I discovered spreadsheets and word processing. Yup, I’ve seen the world change and I still drive hard to keep ahead of it. Change has never hurt, it has always improved my life both business and personal. I say bring it on., and if you don’t have anything new, then I’ll do it!