Why would you ever call a company Waxworks

I can’t count the number of times I have been asked why we named our company Waxworks. Here’s why.

In the seventies when we were trying to decide what name to use we were only in the audio recording studio business. Someone suggested that, since the original records were on wax cylinders, and since we were in St. Jacobs (an old-fashioned kind of place) we should be called Waxworks. I scoffed and said that was terrible name,. After all, we were a high-tech studio, progressive in every way. But that night I went home  and looked up Wax in the dictionary.

Yes I found the noun wax candles, wax seals, etc but I was also reminded of wax the verb meaning on the rise, growing toward fulfillment, as in the waxing moon or waxing prophetic. Yes “growing gradually larger” is a good name for our company, and Waxworks was born. So now you know, we are a verb!