Why VR will change business to business marketing

Virtual Reality is not just for games, it can also be an important tool for business

For example; Waxworks has a long term client who expressed a pending problem to us. They were committed to attending their industry’s major trade show in Europe and they needed to display their products.

The problem is their machines are 3 stories high and could fill a warehouse.
To transport and set-up a working machine to the show would have cost around 800K. That’s a lot of money and resources for a 2 week trade show!

Their major competitors did spend the money and moved complete operating machines to the show. Our client, not having deep pockets like their major competitors, needed a solution. We suggested one. Soon after they contracted Waxworks to create a 3D 360 VR of their machine for them. It featured 5 viewing positions.The VR actually made the tour of the machine more effective and compelling than having the real thing there.
The VR allowed potential customers to view the inner workings of their machine from angles and areas where no human could go for safety reasons.

What a buzz they created at their booth, and the VR made them a “must-see” at the show.
“have you seen the VR yet”
“don’t miss the VR at the … booth”
“cool VR over there, you should check it out”
“I’ve never been that close inside a machine like that before”

What a great way to demo such a large product. Essentially they upstaged their competitors at a wee fraction of the cost. And of course they now have the VR to send out to potential customers world-wide. It’s a tour that can happen almost instantly.

VR is still developing in interest and has mostly focused on gaming. Wait until businesses start discovering the awesome marketing and training potential of this new tool. It will never be the same again.