Video Production

the most widely accepted way to share information

We have been producing high quality, award-winning Video Productions for business since 1983. Over the years we have won multiple awards for creative and technical achievements. Today we provide Visual Communications to a number of businesses. We still achieve the high levels of success we are known for and provide our customers a timely and effective way to get their message across.


tv commercials

From concept to script to delivery, our commercials are engineered to get the results you want.

Advertising on TV with a low budget is challenging at best. It is a shotgun approach that needs to actually target your specific audience by ringing their bell. The creative is most important that it strike the chord quickly.

Waxworks knows how to cut through the clutter and make your commercial stand out to the right people. 30 seconds and even 15 seconds can do be enough to create a lasting memory. Call us to find out how we do it.

corporate videos

Visual communications for business. Control your message from script to final cut.

Producing videos that position your company, promote your products and services, train your staff and customers, and inform, remind, and persuade is an art form Waxworks has perfected over 30 years. The script has to be right, the application of imagery, colour, motion and effects, voice and music has to be blended just right.

A professionally produced video is easier to absorb than reading text and still images. It will add life, action, and yes emotion to your story. YouTube is the 2nd largest most active website in the world. There is a reason.


live events

We can capture and edit your event for future viewing or even stream it live on YouTube.

As we have all faced from time to time, being invited to and actually attending an important event is not always possible. If you miss it it will probably be another year before you can try again.

Event Videos are available anytime over the internet, and will deliver the messages as if they were there. It also gives them a chance to view the event in their own time, like after hours or during breaks in their day. It is truly convenient and lets them view the content with their full attention. Waxworks has produced event videos (and audio) for decades and has the experience you can count on.


360° virtual reality video

Its the new thing in immersive video. Put on your seat belt and hold on tight!

This new technology has huge advantages to certain business communication challenges. It can put your viewer in the middle of the action and give them an experience they won't soon forget. They will be immersed in your story. Cool leading edge stuff that positions your company as being ahead of the curve.

Imagine that plant tour or product demo, where it's as real as if they were there. VR travels to the far corners of the world instantly. By sending the prospect a Cardboard Viewer with your brand printed on it they will be compelled to take a look and experience your message. And yes, even some interactivity is possible. You should try it.




We help spotlight your product or service in a way that will have everyone talking.




Fly over any terrain, follow targets, and see from an entirely new perspective.




Our in-house animators can take any concept and make it shine. If you need your CAD drawings animated in 3D, send them to us!



Need something explained? A white board video can get concepts across easily and entertaining.