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Website Design & Development

Offering the best in web design since 1994, our website strategies are built with your business in mind. Creative design and technical excellence combined with the latest functionality provides our customers with websites that impress their clients.

Easy to use tools will allow your business to control all website messaging from day one, giving you the ability to tweak and improve your website content for the best return possible.

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4K Video Production

We have been producing high quality Video Productions for business since 1983. Waxworks provides a full service package combining both award-winning creativity and technical excellence. We provide 4K High Definition Video Production services including Creative Concepts, Scriptwriting, Location Videography, Drone footage, Photography, Editing, Animation, Graphics, Soundtrack, Actors and Voice-over talent, and more to businesses large and small.

Compelling video production requires experience and creativity. Waxworks has both.

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Mobile Applications

Our team has the expertise and the experience to create Mobile Applications that inform, educate and entertain. Your custom app will make your customer and staff relations better, helping them to get what they need from you easier and quicker.

No matter the platform, iOS, Android, or Windows Mobile, we will create a Mobile App that will impress your audience and grow your business.

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Convenient, Secure, Reliable

We are experts in iOS, Android and Windows mobile platform development. With our focus on easily understandable UI design and cloud integration, you can be confident that your users mobile experience will be second to none.

Business mobile applications have grown beyond simple marketing apps to multi-purpose tools that can help in quoting, managing and invoicing jobs. Essentially having your office on the go.

Our custom mobile applications can integrate with your existing databases to streamline your business for maximum profit potential.

Got an app idea? We have the resources to get it done. Give us a call.


Be It Subtle Or Bold, Our Creative Team Will Bring Your Ideas To Life!

From Concept To Creation

It's not only what your story is, it's how you tell it that makes the difference. The very heart and soul of Waxworks Creative is simple, our business is ideas! It's about how we tell YOUR story. Outstanding people, with amazing insight and vision … and a unique way of looking at every project. Creating projects that touch the emotions and kick the brain into action.

We have attracted many great clients over the years. And if there is one thing we have learned for certain … clients always know more about their business than we do. Our role is to translate that story into a style the audience understands and embraces so you can stay focused on your core business strategies while we take your product, service or idea and package it in a language, style and sensitivity that treat both the audience and the subject matter with the respect they deserve.


Traditionally, getting aerial video footage or photography was expensive, complicated, and limited by where the aircraft or helicopter could fly - such as minimum altitudes and restricted airspace.

NOW, leave those concerns behind. Waxworks offers a unique solution to aerial photography and videography. Employing a purpose-designed electric powered drone quad-copter, we can now put the camera exactly where the action is.

Our drone is also equipped with a 4k 60 fps video camera. Making it possible to capture the most elaborate sequences or stunningly beautiful scenery in true high definition.

With programmable flight paths, our quad-copter can efficiently re-capture a sequence over and over again until it plays out just right. Imagine the possibilities!

Fast set-up, in any location. We don't require a traditional airport as a base to start and end from. We can arrive at any location and achieve usable shots in minutes, not hours.

Our system is electric. This means near silent approaches. We can capture footage in conjunction with other ground-based cameras without being a distraction.


Maximize Your Product Sales With A Web Strategy That Makes Sense For Your Business

E-Commerce Solutions Catered To You

Utilizing e-commerce solutions such as WooCommerce, Magento, Shopify and X-cart, our team of experts can setup your online business in a snap! With easy to understand tools, we will train your staff on how to add new products, add homepage features, create promotions and show you how to optimize each product for SEO.

We also put great emphasis on search, design, usability, credibility and security. Only using the most secure and credited gateways for payment. This will ensure your e-commerce website will be secure and reliable from day one.

Let us get your product out there for the world to see.

Sell with confidence. Sell with Pride. Sell online!


Interested in VR? With the advent of projects like Google Cardboard and Samsung's Gear VR, affordable Virtual Reality is now in place for the masses. Imagine presenting a product in full stereoscopic VR before creating the prototype? Imagine being part of a corporate presentation taking place across the country? Giving the viewer the ability to look around and experience the event as if they were there.

We are currently producing some great VR experiences with some of the industries top VR specialists. We are the regions go to team for anything VR. Let us bring your next project to life!


It's About Making The Impossible, Possible!

Seeing Is Believing

How do you show intricate details at the microscopic level? Or the effect of microwaves on the human body. Animation illustrates the invisible and the intangible. It can slice an engine in half to make internal combustion visible and easy to understand... or move tectonic plates to explain earthquakes and tsunamis.

We have powerful 2D and 3D Animation tools and techniques to demystify industrial activities and processes, and make the most complex ideas come to life in a straightforward, easy-to-understand way. Animation isn't magic... but it's impact is darn close to it!


Relive A Moment In Time Or Share That Moment With Others

The amount of work put forth to bring an event together can be stressful and time consuming. These events can involve guest speakers, teleprompters, lighting, audio rigging and so forth. Not to mention facility rentals, travel arrangements, and getting the word out. After such a monumental effort to bring it all together, it would be a shame to miss the opportunity capture this moment on video.

Our team has years of experience in capturing every detail as it happens. With high definition video and audio, it is the next best thing to being there live.

To give your production a little more punch, we also offer multi-camera set-ups and editing options as well. Providing you a near broadcast quality video production to meet your most demanding needs.

Want to share your video? Our expertise with video sites like YouTube and Vimeo will help you maximize your sharing potential.

So be it a concert, a lecture or a corporate event, the team at Waxworks Creative is your best choice for Live Event Recording. Contact us to schedule your next event.

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