Domain Buying Blues

Domain Privacy

Getting a domain nowadays not only means paying for a URL but it also constitutes giving away private information including your email and your phone number. With that said there is something you should know prior to purchasing your domain. If you opt out of privacy protection your private information is sold to a number of third party businesses. Expect to get a number of unsolicited emails and phone calls for weeks after purchasing your domain. I for one believe all information should not be shared without consent. Unfortunately the only way to do this is to pay for domain privacy protection.

As an example, I have recently purchased the domain www. Shortly after my purchase I received over 50 emails soliciting web development, graphic design, logo work and search engine optimization. What is even more annoying is that I have received a number of phone calls asking for the same.

In conclusion I would strongly advise anyone purchasing a domain to pay for the privacy protection. Believe me you’ll be glad you did.

A Super Spot for the Superbowl

We are always proud of our work, especially when it plays on the Superbowl! The TV Commercial we produced for Hunter Steel has played during both playoff games and will air during the Superbowl this Sunday January 28th. Look for our Hunter Steel ad during the Superbowl broadcast. It was a fun project to do and will get your attention. Enjoy the game!


Hunter Steel

Is there an App for that?

Everyone has heard the term “There’s an App for that” but you and I know the one app that you really need to make your job or business easier, more efficient, and organized has not been developed yet. It probably needs to be created specifically for you or your business. Don’t be caught up in the hype about how expensive apps are to create. That is not the case for many ideas.
We all carry mobile devices and use them daily for communication, whether its surfing the net, organizing and improving our lives, or just plain having fun. Many tasks in business these days are better done on the spot, and done better and quicker than waiting until you are back in front of your desktop screen. Consider how your business can utilize this mobile technology to improve your job and life.

Our current App portfolio carries business apps for quoting, equipment rental, pet adoption, scheduling, insurance reporting and landscaping to name a few. All these apps have one thing in common. They take a complicated set of actions and streamline them into an easy to understand and use portable app!

If your looking to make your business easier, more efficient and organized give us a call. You’ll be glad you did.

All your marketing in one place!

Waxworks Creative is now offering local businesses agency style service. We can provide full marketing support on a per project basis or ongoing through an affordable monthly plan.

If you’re considering hiring a Graphic Designer, Web Developer, Programmer, or Video Editor, have a look at our website and consider hiring us instead.

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